Hospitals participate in largest-ever multi-hospital kidney transplant chain

swapWith 34 donors and 34 recipients, Chain 357, nicknamed a “chain of love,” is the country’s largest-ever multi-hospital kidney transplant chain. The National Kidney Registry worked with 26 hospitals across the country to make sure every link of the chain connected.

Since Jan. 6, the chain has bounced across the country, including stops at MedStar Georgetown Transplant Institute in Washington, D.C.; Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Md.; University of Virginia Hospital in Charlottesville, Va.; and two bouts at the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore, Md.  READ MORE>>


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Men use social media to find kidneys, raise awareness

DarrenThough they are both from Springfield, Darren Lewis and Chris Plate have never met. And in many ways, the two have very different lives.

Lewis is a former Eagle Scout who likes playing video games and reading high epic fantasy novels. Plate will graduate with an engineering degree in May and plans to marry his longtime girlfriend, Rachel, in July.

But Lewis and Plate have something big in common. They both need a kidney and have turned to social media to find a living donor.  READ MORE>>

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For teen, giving 3-year-old half sister a kidney was ‘right thing to do’

AlexAlexis Tovar runs around her grandma’s home, takes toy trucks out of a cabinet and plays with them, then looks for a deck of cards, all the while chattering on about one thing or another.

The girly girl, who is dressed head to toe in purple with pink polish on her toenails, who loves “Frozen” and Sofia the First, is a 4-year-old bundle of energy and smiles.

All thanks to her half sister, Marissa.  READ MORE>>

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Woman Donates Kidney To Complete Stranger

ThomasThomas Adams was born with a genetic disorder, that as he entered his twenties, started causing his kidneys to slowly lose function. “As I got toward my mid 30′s I started to really feel it I started becoming sicker faster and easier. If I did get sick it would last longer,” said Adams.

When his health started to take a turn, he was put on a waiting list for a kidney donor. He was on that list for almost two years, before he received notice that a complete stranger would save his life.  READ MORE>>

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‘Perfect match’ slips away from kidney-transplant couple

salinaSelena Clingan used an Internet fundraising site to tell the story of her battle with kidney disease — and of her joy in learning the man she had married was her perfect match as a donor.

Transplant experts at Tampa General Hospital, where the operation was to occur, said the odds against a matching spouse are so high they had never come across it before.

Then, the day before surgery this week, Clingan returned to her Web page to post heartbreaking news: A final cross match done before the operation determined that, because of a last-minute elevation in Selena’s antibodies, the Brandon couple are no longer compatible.  READ MORE>>

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Man receives life-saving kidney from longtime friend

BobBob Averitt, 70, is glad to be alive to see it.

Sure, he’s having trouble sleeping, and the scar from his recent surgery is painful. And he can’t leave the house to go anywhere except to Cincinnati for checkups for another few weeks. But his gratitude is overwhelming. READ MORE>>

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Utah inmate dies three weeks before scheduled release after kidney dialysis provider failed to show up TWICE

ymondA Utah prison inmate is dead of an apparent heart attack related to renal failure after a dialysis provider didn’t show up for a scheduled treatment for two days in a row, a prison official said Tuesday.

Ramon C. Estrada, 62, was set to be paroled in less than three weeks when he died Sunday at the prison in Draper, Utah Department of Corrections spokeswoman Brooke Adams said in a statement Tuesday afternoon.  READ MORE>>

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Husband saves wife’s life by donating kidney after losing 100lbs.

PJA man has spent a year losing 70lbs so he could donate his kidney to his wife.

PJ Spraggins was delighted when he discovered he was a perfect match for wife Tracy, who was told her life-long battle with Lupus would kill her if she didn’t get a transplant. The waiting list is seven years long.

But the next day the couple from Birmingham, Alabama, were dealt a blow: his blood pressure was too high to perform the operation.  READ MORE>>

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Man celebrates 35 years with transplanted kidney

JoeSperryFifty-year-old Joe Sperry, of Oneonta, is a beneficiary of an organ transplant. Sperry was diagnosed with kidney disease when he was eight. His kidneys began to fail at age 12 and he needed a transplant.

After months of waiting, on March 22, 1980, Sperry received a transplant. If that transplant failed or hadn’t come through, Sperry said dialysis would not have kept him alive to see the end of high school.

“I mean I probably wouldn’t be here today if I didn’t get the transplant 35 years ago,” he said. “Your average life on dialysis is five to seven years.”

His doctors told him the donated kidney would last at most ten years. Last month, Sperry celebrated 35 years with the same kidney.  READ MORE>>

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Mother forced to choose which child to save with kidney transplant

A mother in China was forced to choose between her two children after discovering both were fighting for their lives after suffering from kidney failure, and a transplant would save only one of them.

Lian Ronghua, 54, discovered that the health of her sons, Li Haiqing, 26, and Li Haisong, 24, was deteriorating and both were hospitalized. While she and her husband offered their own kidneys, the boys’ father suffers from high blood pressure, making a donation potentially lethal.”  READ MORE>>

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