Hospital refuses kidney transplant without explanation

MarkMark Politte has gone from starter on the LSU-Shreveport men’s basketball team to stage five kidney failure in a year’s time.

“I was playing with kidney failure for like a month,” said Politte.

He was diagnosed with stage five kidney failure on February 24, 2014. Politte says he knew something was wrong about a month before his diagnosis.

“I thought it was an allergic reaction at first,” he said. ”I would get real swollen. I was like 180 pounds, between 180-185 my entire playing career and then all of a sudden I was 215.”  READ MORE>>

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Woman pays it forward, saves stranger’s life

SamanthaOne good deed begets another, at least that’s how Samantha Carlson saw it.

A clerical worker at Allegiance Health in Jackson, Carlson watched every day as patients came in and out for dialysis, coping with the effects of kidney failure.

“It’s heartbreaking to see them,” said Carlson, 29, of Saline. “I’ve seen people come in to get emergency dialysis that probably don’t have much longer to live, that don’t have the transplant option.”  READ MORE>>

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Fort Bragg marathon runner donates kidney to soldier

Shauna Dool, Living Kidney Donor

Shauna Dool, Living Kidney Donor

Sgt. Maj. Miguel Filpo needed a kidney. His life depended on it.

Injured in Iraq in 2008, his organs had finally failed him in 2013, forcing the 22-year veteran to undergo four hours of dialysis a day.

And yet, the University of North Carolina Hospital in Chapel Hill was turning his two sisters away.

For Filpo, his sisters were his hope. They were his best chance at finding a kidney that matched.  READ MORE>>

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A few minutes with … a woman with a 100-year-old kidney

AngieAngie Done is 66, but part of her is much older.

When she was a young woman, Done’s kidneys failed. She received a new kidney from a 58-year-old donor. The transplant at Detroit’s Mt. Carmel Mercy Hospital in 1974 went very well.

The donor died years later, at 76. But his kidney lives on inside Done.

That kidney lives on, and on, and on. It just hit the century mark, and is still getting a thumbs-up from her doctors at Beaumont Health Systems.  READ MORE>>

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From Ronald McDonald House to his house: Taylum coming home

TaylumA toddler born in Sudbury who lived most of his short life at a Ronald MCDonald House will soon receive a kidney transplant that should allow him to live at home.

Taylum Lamoureux was born April 10, 2013 with polycistic kidney disease, which causes large cysts to grow on both his kidneys.

He had to be airlifted to Toronto immediately because his kidneys were on the verge of failing.

Doctors removed one of his kidneys after five weeks, and the second after 10.
Since then, he has needed to go on hemodialysis — a treatment not offered in Sudbury for infants — six days a week.  READ MORE>>

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How a baby’s kidney saved life of a transplant patient

TheJessEvans parents of a Britain’s youngest organ donor have told how they made the brave but heartbreaking decision to donate their son’s kidneys when he died after living for just 100 minutes.

Jess Evans was 12 weeks’ pregnant with twins when she was told one of the sons she was carrying had a rare and fatal condition which prevents the brain and skull developing.  READ MORE>>

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Newlywed faces unexpected kidney transplant

NykiBridesmaids. A dad walking his daughter down a Waupaca church aisle. A pair of Sun Drop soda bottles hoisted toward the camera at the reception in Manawa.

“Here’s a good one,” Nyke Block said looking through the album of her October wedding. “That’s his mom. Here’s my mom. That’s my dad. That’s his dad. That’s my brother.”

The page flips. Images unfold, much like the lives of Nyke and Will Block. They’d started dating when she was a senior and he was a junior in high school. Their relationship progressed to marriage and dreams of starting a family — until a routine medical screening interrupted their plans.  READ MORE>>

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Eleven kidney recipients, 11 living donors celebrate their tag-team triumphs

lilyFor more reasons than one, 9-year-old Lilly Harbin was overjoyed to learn that a New York woman volunteered to be her living kidney donor.

“I don’t want any boy parts,” her mother, Justine Harbin, of Follansbee, W.Va., recalled her saying.

Lilly and her donor, Christina Betancourt-Russolese, were among 11 pairs of kidney recipients and donors who gathered Tuesday at Allegheny General Hospital to celebrate their tag-team triumphs over kidney disease.  READ MORE>>

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Woman Preparing to Donate Kidney to Teen Son

MistiWebbAn Asheville woman is about to give the gift of life to the most important person in hers.

Misti Webb Luther is donating a kidney to her teenage son, Noah, and her friends are trying to help the two through a very difficult experience.

Noah lights up a room — he’s an unforgettable character who makes lots of friends. The 16-year-old has Williams syndrome — a genetic disorder that delays development and started shutting down his kidneys nine years ago.   READ MORE>>

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True love: firefighter’s girlfriend wants to give him her kidney

firefighterThey say true love shows itself in time of need and this is a story about such love. For David Flores and Britney Lizama, they are the perfect match in more ways than one. Flores has been a firefighter with the Guam Fire Department for 17 years.

Guam Fire Department chief Joey San Nicolas said, “He pretty much epitomizes what a firefighter should be – he’s dedicated himself to public service and is always there even doing things off duty to represent the department.” It was early last year when Flores was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and coronary artery disease.  READ MORE>>

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