Transplant lets kidney patient follow his dream of marriage and children

Ray Mui and his wife Winnie are looking forward to leading a normal life, thanks to his kidney transplant last year. Photo: K.Y. Cheng

Morning Post

It was like getting a “big wedding gift” when engaged transplant patient Ray Mui received a new kidney – and a new lease of life – from a deceased donor.

The 40-year-old teacher’s life revolved around daily 11-hour dialysis sessions at home. The thought of a honeymoon or having children were just dreams. Then a matching kidney became available.  READ MORE>>

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Local woman finds kidney donor close to home


A Huntington High School graduate with double kidney failure who has been waiting for a kidney donor has found one very close to home.

Michelle Reaster Pollock learned just days before Christmas that the daughter of her best friend had been tested to see whether she could be a potential kidney donor and that she had come back as a perfect match.  READ MORE>>

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Kannapolis Police chief recovering after kidney transplant

Salisbury Post

KANNAPOLIS — After months of waiting and a longer struggle with renal disease, family members say Kannapolis Police Chief Woody Chavis is recovering well after a kidney transplant operation Monday.

Chavis, who’s been on the force for almost 30 years and has been police chief since 2007, went public about his condition last August in an effort to encourage both kidney patients needing dialysis and potential organ donors.  READ MORE>>

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10-year-old Jessica Schwerin and kidney donor Brian Martindale reunite following transplant

Brian Martindale visits 10 year-old Jessica Schwerin in her recovery room at C.S. Mott Children's Hospital Sunday, Jan. 13. Jessica and her donor Martindale, both of Bay City, underwent a kidney transplant operation Friday, Jan. 11. Martindale, recovering in University Hospital, is expected to be discharged Monday, Jan. 14, while Schwerin will be at C.S. Mott for at least another week. Photo By Colleen Harrison |


ANN ARBOR, MI – Although Bay City 10-year-old  Jessica Schwerin was asleep at the time, she got a visit Sunday, Jan. 13, from her kidney donor, Bay City businessman Brian Martindale.

The transplant operation two days earlier that Jessica needed was a success and both patients were doing well.  READ MORE>>

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Kidney transplant recipients and donors reunited

NEW YORK (WABC) — In Manhattan there was a celebration of lives transformed.

Weill Cornell Medical Center on the Upper East Side hosted a party for kidney transplant recipients.

These children and their families celebrated not just how lives were saved, but also how lives have changed.  READ MORE>>

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Seabee’s kidney donation changes friend’s life

Construction Mechanic 3rd Class Leah Rapp, right, donated one of her kidneys to her best friend, Susan Stout.

Navy Times

One Seabee took the Navy’s recruiting slogan to heart, becoming a one-woman “force for good” by donating a kidney to her best friend.

Construction Mechanic 3rd Class Leah Rapp, a reservist based in Detroit, donated the kidney in late December to Susan Stout, whose quality of life was suffering.  READ MORE>>

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Local family learns the ropes of kidney donations

David Groneck with his mom, Clarice Groneck

For three years and two months, local resident Clarice Groneck underwent dialysis for a failing kidney while she awaited a transplant.

It was a saving grace when Clarice’s son, David Groneck, who owns Humble Wellness; volunteered to donate his kidney to help his mom but because of their direct relation, the two were not compatible.  READ MORE>>

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West Goshen police chief turns kidney donor

West Goshen Police Chief Joe Gleason donated a kidney to Megan Comerford.

The e-mail that Nancy Gleason received last September was lengthy: a last-ditch plea from a distant relative, writing to ask if she knew anyone who might be willing to donate a kidney to a stranger.  READ MORE>>

Gleason clicked the “forward” button and typed in her husband’s e-mail address. Her e-mail was just one line long: “We’re both O-positive. I’m in if you are.”

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Billboard seeking kidney launches chain of giving

Photo by Kristyna Wentz-Gradd

Journal Sentinel

Terry Dvorak heard about the billboard on U.S. 41 – “Young Mother Needs Live Kidney Donor. Is It You?”

Two words resonated: “young mother.” She had that in common with the patient seeking the kidney, Stephanie Henderson, an information technology worker from Kimberly.  READ MORE>>

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Stem cells offer kidney transplant alternative

ABC7 – Los Angeles

People whose kidneys are failing are often forced to wait years to get a transplant. About one in 20 will die during that long wait. For many who do get new ones, there’s also a new worry. Now that could soon be a thing of the past.  READ MORE & VIDEO>>

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