Billboard seeking kidney launches chain of giving

Photo by Kristyna Wentz-Gradd

Journal Sentinel

Terry Dvorak heard about the billboard on U.S. 41 – “Young Mother Needs Live Kidney Donor. Is It You?”

Two words resonated: “young mother.” She had that in common with the patient seeking the kidney, Stephanie Henderson, an information technology worker from Kimberly.  READ MORE>>

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Stem cells offer kidney transplant alternative

ABC7 – Los Angeles

People whose kidneys are failing are often forced to wait years to get a transplant. About one in 20 will die during that long wait. For many who do get new ones, there’s also a new worry. Now that could soon be a thing of the past.  READ MORE & VIDEO>>

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‘Urine luck!’ docs tell James Rabe after kidney transplant

89.3 KPCC

A few days ago, I told you my brother James and sister Joan were heading into the operating room at Mayo Clinic so they could take one of Joan’s kidneys and give it to my brother James, who has Alp0rt Syndrome, a degenerate (I mean exactly that)kidney disease.   READ MORE>>

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Chicago donor cleared to give kidney to stranger

Chicago Tribune Health

By this time next month, Hannah Pilla may have one fewer kidney. And she can’t wait.

The recent graduate of Roosevelt University has been cleared for organ donation at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, bringing her one step closer to a personal goal: Giving one of her kidneys to a complete stranger.  READ MORE>>

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Not uncommon for spouses to donate a kidney

The Sun

Stanford transplant surgeon Dr. Marc Melcher, who performed the kidney surgeries on Pati and Kurt Steele, says it’s not uncommon for a spouse to donate a kidney.

Much work takes place, however, before it’s a done deal. Both donor and potential recipient go through health screenings; doctors want healthy donors to reduce the risk, and require transplant candidates to be cancer-free for two to five years, and also have cardiac issues treated.  READ MORE>>

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Bay City’s Art Dore doing well after kidney transplant

Bay City businessman Art Dore received a kidney transplant from his daughter, Wendy Dore, earlier this year, and is now back to work at Dore Enterprises. Photo by Colleen Harrison

Michigan Live

With his feet propped up on his marble desk, Art Dore looks as comfortable as ever in his Bay City office.

But seven weeks ago, Dore was in a very different place: On a surgeon’s table for more than seven hours, Dore underwent a kidney transplant. His daughter, Wendy Dore, was the donor.  READ MORE>>

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Kidney donation gives gift of life

Patty Larger lights a candle with Ed Whitacre in the sanctuary at St. Raphael Church in Springfield on Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2012. Patty is donating a kidney to a transplant chain from which Ed, who has been on dialysis, will receive a healthy kidney. Photo by Barbara J. Perenic/Cox Media Group

Springfield News-Sun

Christmas will arrive Tuesday for Ed Whitacre, when a flight from Texas sets down at Port Columbus International Airport with a well-wrapped gift the size of a sweet ruby red Texas grapefruit: Whitacre’s new kidney.

Whitacre has three people to thank for the gift that’s a tad too large to be a stocking stuffer — three people donating kidneys.  READ MORE>>

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3TV, Facebook help Phoenix man find living kidney donor

Remy Marceau suffers from Bartter syndrome, a condition caused by a defect in the kidney’s ability to retain sodium.

As a child, he started feeling tired and dehydrated.  READ MORE>>

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Anonymous donor provides kidney

In the Kidney Transplant Center at St. David’s North Austin Medical Center, the staff is used to performing transplants between donors and recipients who are friends or family members.

Staff members’ eyes get wide, though, when someone walks in the door offering to give up one of their two kidneys to save the life of a perfect stranger. Such procedures are extremely rare.  READ MORE>>

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Family’s wish comes true as boy gets kidney transplant

A YOUNG boy is looking forward to happy and healthy Christmas after getting the life-saving kidney transplant he desperately needed.

Ben Kelly, aged nine, was diagnosed with renal failure just 10 days after he was born, and has been plagued by kidney problems all his life.  READ MORE>>

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