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Hello, I’m Andy.

I’m from Rhode Island.

I was born in 1950.  My wife and I have been married for 34 years.  We have 4 grown children and 2 well-behaved dogs.  (Make that one well behaved dog and one yellow lab who finds himself in one misadventure after another.  He even has his own blog: JacksonTales.com )

I have been a Type 2 (adult onset) diabetic for over 25 years.  My diabetes is controlled by diet and exercise.

When my creatinine level started climbing, I was sent to a local nephrologist (kidney specialist).  Six months later (September, 2010) he determined that it was only a matter of weeks before I would have to start dialysis.  No other options were discussed with me.

Always being a second opinion kind of guy, I sought a referral from my Joslin Diabetes Center doctor for a Joslin (Boston) kidney specialist.  He referred me to Dr. Bijan Roshan who I saw the following month.

I was listed on the Beth Israel Deaconess/Boston waiting list in May, 2011.  I also applied to Florida Hospital (Orlando) to be on their kidney waiting list in October, 2011.  (I was allowed to transfer my Beth Israel waiting list time to Florida.  Why would I do this?  Florida is a region which does not require you to be on dialysis before receiving a kidney.

In June, 2012 I received my kidney transplant at Florida Hospital (Orlando).  Fortunately, our son lives less than 7 miles away from the hospital so we were able to stay with him during the months of follow up visits to the Florida Hospital’s transplant center.

My pre-emptive kidney transplant was successful.  And the care I received at Florida Hospital and their transplant team was superlative. After my recuperation, it was a sad experience to leave our Florida Hospital transplant team family to return home.

My post kidney transplant followup care is being provided by Beth Israel’s transplant center.



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  1. Bobby Bozeman says:

    Hello, I was just blessed to receive a kidney transplant last Thursday 5/26/2011. I would like to build relationships with others who have gone through the same thing. This is my second transplant. I had my first one in March of 2007. That was an extended criteria cadaver kidney. The only thing I know was it was someone over the age of 65. I went through rejection 3 times, in which I had to get biopsies, and all those wonderful 500 mg Solumedrol injections. My creatinine levels were always hovering around the mid 4’s.
    My new kidney came from a 27 year old co-worker of mine who is in excellent health. So far my creatinine levels are staying around 1.3. It’s still real early in my recovery to get to excited. I am dealing with incredible amounts of pain around the incision. I don’t remember having this amount of pain the last time. I guess it has to do with all the nerves that were cut. My first transplant incision was stapled back together. This time the surgeon glued it back together. He did tell my wife the incision would be more uncomfortable in the short term, but better in the long term. I haven’t been able to follow up with the surgeon. The doctors don’t know why it would be any different. I guess I’ll just have to keep asking lots of questions during my follow ups.
    Thank you for hosting this blog. It will give me a place to ask questions and assist in my recovery.

    God Bless,
    Bobby Bozeman

    • admin says:

      Glad to hear your comments, Bobby. Especially pleased that your transplant surgery – just 1 week ago – went so well and this time you had a caring, living donor willing to share the ultimate gift of life.

      All the best to you and wishing you a speedy recovery.


  2. kez says:

    Hope you receive your transplant , I was lucky and received one in 2009 from a cadaver .I also have a blog and am trying to raise money for Kidney research it would be great if you could link to my blog as I aim to get a 100 followers and donate £100 to kidney research . A poem I have written called A Chance of Life is there and be of some interest.
    I look forward to seeing some new followers and wish you the very best of health.
    kind regards

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