Man donates kidney, contributes to longest kidney chain ever

LynnIt all started at UW Health. One Verona man offered to donate his kidney to his sister-in-law. Unfortunately he wasn’t a match but he still was able to donate to someone else, someone he didn’t even know- helping set off a kidney donation chain.

It’s not every day you’re able to meet a real life hero, “the benefit was far, far greater than the risk I could take,” said Lynn Johnson. Lynn Johnson’s name will soon be showcased on this wall for his kidney donation; but he’s quick to not take much of the credit for his good deed. He added, “there’s a lot of heroes in this world, I’m just one of a lot of people.”

His story started five years ago. “My wife needed a kidney transplant,” he explained. Lynn volunteered, but her sister was a better match for her. Lynn explained, “my wife has been in great shape ever since.” Soon after- another sister needed a kidney, and Lynn was first in line. “It was a small price to pay to really help her out a lot,” he said.  READ MORE>>

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