12 Patients Preparing For Rare 6-Way Kidney Transplant Operations At San Francisco Hospital

Multiply the above illustration by three to get an idea of how complex this kidney exchange is.

Multiply the above illustration by three to get an idea of how complex this kidney exchange is.

Twelve patients are preparing to participate in a rare, two day, six-way paired kidney donation transplant at San Francisco’s California Pacific Medical Center.

The six couples involved will travel to the Bay Area from as far as Arizona.  READ MORE>>

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Kidney patient lobbying Congress today

TownshipMAnTo outsiders, Pete DiGennaro looks healthy.

He starts most days before 6 a.m., volunteers at a Knights of Columbus charitable group, cares for his 16-year-old son, Chase, as a single parent and brings him to jujitsu practice multiple times a week.

But what most people don’t see are the catheters in DiGennaro’s arm, the bottles of pills that line his kitchen counter and the fatigue he feels after sitting in a chair for four hours while he gets his blood cleaned three times a week at a dialysis center. READ MORE>>


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Families brought together by sons’ rare kidney disease

Grant Valveri, 11, sells a hot dog to Mark Winegardner during a fundraiser for childhood kidney disease research at a Florida State lacrosse match on Sunday.

Grant Valveri, 11, sells a hot dog to Mark Winegardner during a fundraiser for childhood kidney disease research at a Florida State lacrosse match on Sunday.

It was more than a serendipitous kinship that was formed when 11-year-old Grant Valveri met 5-year-old Liam Calhoun last fall; it was the beginning of a nationwide movement to end a rare kidney disease that afflicts both boys.

The Holy Comforter Episcopal students both have Minimal Change Disease, which causes their bodies to reject their kidneys and to lose valuable protein. They swell up, and to stay alive, they rely on medications, including steroids and other drugs that may have harmful side effects.  READ MORE>>

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New kidney goal with this event

expenseAs a teenager Jennifer Loveland of Sulphur was diagnosed with lupus nephritis after falling extremely ill and rushed to the hospital, where she was hospitalized for 10 days. Doctors now say a kidney transplant is necessary.

Thankfully, her sister will soon be tested to see if she’s a donor match; if so, she will donate one of her own kidneys to save Loveland’s life.

The average kidney transplant costs approximately $250,000. And that’s only the beginning. Even with health coverage, which will cover the cost of the transplant itself, she faces significant expenses related to the surgery. READ MORE>>

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Kidney transplant match becomes perfect love match

Ashley and Danny soulmate storyAshley McIntyre had no idea who Danny Robinson was when she heard he was searching for a kidney.

He was the same age as her and had already been through so much. Diagnosed at age 16 with IgA nephropathy, an inflammatory kidney disease, Danny had been in kidney failure since 2012, the same year he lost his father to brain cancer.  READ MORE>>

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Teacher Lindsey Painter Will Donate a Kidney to One of Her First-Grade Students


Last December, Lisa Parker emailed her triplets’ first-grade teacher to let her know the boys would be missing school.

The family was holding a press conference that day in San Antonio, Texas, to help 6-year-old Matthew Parker, who was a match only with one percent of the U.S. population, to find a kidney donor.  Read More>>

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‘He’s our little miracle’

AltonFor most young people, turning 30 is seen as something of a landmark in life.

But Amy Caulton from Hatton, Derbyshire, has celebrated the milestone two years earlier, after giving birth to the child she thought she could never have and two healthy decades passing since her lifesaving kidney transplant.

The 28-year-old had the transplant when she was nine and is now the proud mother of five-month-old Seth.  Read More>>

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RESEARCH STUDY: Idiopathic Nephrotic Syndrome

Received this posting on our Facebook page. Does this condition apply to you? Or someone you know?


Hello! My name is Joanna Dauber and I work at NephCure Kidney International. NephCure recently launched a patient registry with support from the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). The purpose of the patient registry is to have all patients with idiopathic Nephrotic Syndrome and its related diseases to stand up and be counted by so that the medical and research community can better address their needs. The registry will act as a snapshot of each patient’s journey and could help researchers better understand the diseases. Patients can also see how their symptoms are like or dislike others. In addition, should patients wish, can sign up to be contacted about clinical research opportunities in their area. I can be reached at jdauber@nephcure.org or at 610-540-0186 x 36. Thank you for your time. Joanna Dauber

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No kidney for you, Alice.


Alice Zhang says she’s being denied a life-saving kidney transplant because doctors at Vancouver General Hospital have decided she is mentally ill.

The 45-year-old mother of two, who speaks only Cantonese, and her family say she has no history of mental illness, and that she was only removed from the transplant list for complaining about her treatment in the hemodialysis unit.  Read more>>

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Jamaica salutes British transplant doctors.

KidneyDocsThe new transplant centre at the Cornwall Regional Hospital made further progress this week, with another successful transplant carried out, and surgical skills progressed thanks to support from a visiting volunteer medical team from the UK called Transplant Links (TLC).

Medical history was made in Jamaica last year when three kidney transplants took place at CRH, the first step in the plan to develop a sustainable kidney transplant centre for the people of Jamaica with kidney failure. All the patients have done very well, and have returned to a normal life away from a kidney dialysis machine. Early signs of the transplant carried out this week are that is it also going well.  Their lives have all been transformed by the transplants.

TLC helps save lives by setting up kidney transplant programmes in countries that have the in- frastructure but not the expertise to run a kidney transplant programme. The volunteer team of sur- geons, doctors and nurses is sponsored by Sandals Resorts who are accommodating them during their stay, and by CHASE fund. The project is also receiving the support of the National Health Fund.

Dr Curtis Yeates, Consultant Kidney Specialist from the Cornwall Regional Hospital said “This is an important milestone in this project. There are many people suffering from kidney failure in Ja- maica, mainly because there is so much diabetes and high blood pressure. A transplant is their only hope of a normal life again. We are very grateful for their help, and to Sandals, CHASE and NHF for helping to making it possible”

“It’s great to see that the patients from last year have done so well”  said Professor Paul Cockwell from the Transplant Links team.  “A sister gave a kidney to her sister; a wife gave a kidney to her husband, and a sister gave her kidney to her brother. Their lives have been turned around by these transplants. One of the donors, Ricardo’s sister has even had a baby since donating a kidney to save her brother. Carrying on this work is essential so that many more with kidney failure can benefit”. In the words of Shaneke who received a kidney from her sister last year: “there are a lot of young people on dialysis and they’re unable to work because of what they are going through. It is burden- some on their families and if they get the chance to get a kidney transplant they can support their family and contribute to the economy”.

Mr Andrew Ready, Consultant Renal Transplant Surgeon from the UK and Medical Director of Transplant Links said  “We are delighted to return to help with this project. During the summer, the two surgeons from Cornwall Regional Hospital Dr Roy MacGregor and Dr Dwayne Hall, came to the UK to observe more transplants to develop their skills. On this occasion they were able to take a much more active part in the transplant surgery, which is an important step in the progress for the sustainability of the project”

Dr Jennie Jewitt-Harris, CEO of TLC said “The TLC team have an international reputation as high- ly skilled clinicians who are generous with their time and knowledge. This was acknowledged by the Health Minister for Jamaica Dr Fenton Ferguson who thanked them in person. We’re delighted to be back in Jamaica again supporting this important project”
In his speech to the team and everyone involved in the project, The Health Minister Dr Ferguson said: “On behalf of the people and the government of Jamaica we salute TLC for this initiative and saving lives across the world. Thank you”

Fundraising continues as the plan is to continue the project and transfer of skills over the next 2 – 3 years. For further information and to support the project please visit www.transplantlinks.org. To donate to the cause text “TLCJ88 £5″ to 70070. Like us on facebook at www.facebook.com/transplantlinks

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