Family of teenager who donated kidney meet the recipient – 40 years later

AnneIt has been 46 years since two siblings from Bristol lost their older brother in a motorbike accident.

For decades, Frances and Clive Hook have grieved for their brother Ellis, but had no idea who received the kidney which was donated by him as he lay in Southmead Hospital, all those years ago.

But an emotional reunion was held on Saturday, as Frances and Clive finally tracked down the woman who was taking care of Ellis’ kidney – Anne Whiteman.  READ MORE>>

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Beauty queen met her kidney donor down the hall

Elleb“I did go through some deep, deep depression,” said Ellen Rorman.

Rorman, a former Miss Eagan, is used to smiling for a crowd, but often, she felt more like crying in the dark.

“In the beginning, I thought I couldn’t handle it, but I’ve learned I’m a lot stronger than I think I am,” she said.

At 23, Rorman has had more surgeries than years of life. She had a transplant at 18, but then at 21 she suffered kidney failure and now has 12 hours of dialysis every week.  READ MORE>>

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Donor Family Meets Kidney Recipient

DonorA family in the Triad lost their 11-year-old daughter early this year.

Ashanti died from an infection in the brain and a devastating stroke. Ashanti’s mom Donzaletta Whitt told WFMY News 2, it started as common respiratory issues during Christmas break last year then it turned into a disease that affected her brain. On New Year’s Day, doctors declared her brain dead. Ashanti’s parents decided to donate her organs.  READ MORE>>

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One family, three kidney donations to save a loved one

Sandy Webster is thankful for the men in her life.

“I think I’m just surrounded by some really strong guys. My dad, my husband, my son. Hopefully that’s it,” said Webster.

Webster said she hopes to never need another person to donate a kidney to.

I was diagnosed with Henoch-Schönlein purpura when I was 10, and it affects your kidney filters. It’s an autoimmune disease and at 13, I went on dialysis for six months,” said Webster.  READ MORE>>


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Miracle kidney match

FacebookAn Effingham County Sheriff’s Deputy who is in Stage 5 Renal Failure and searching for a kidney donor has found his match!

We introduced you to Deputy Ivey Williamson in February when he launched a full-out social media campaign to find a kidney donor. His cousin, who is also in law enforcement on the other side of Georgia, had kidney failure as well and found his match through Facebook. Ivey decided to follow suit, and now, the good news coming in just this week, a donor, a complete stranger, has come forward and tested at Emory University Hospital, and now they will go through with the transplant.  READ MORE>>

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Man donates kidney, contributes to longest kidney chain ever

LynnIt all started at UW Health. One Verona man offered to donate his kidney to his sister-in-law. Unfortunately he wasn’t a match but he still was able to donate to someone else, someone he didn’t even know- helping set off a kidney donation chain.

It’s not every day you’re able to meet a real life hero, “the benefit was far, far greater than the risk I could take,” said Lynn Johnson. Lynn Johnson’s name will soon be showcased on this wall for his kidney donation; but he’s quick to not take much of the credit for his good deed. He added, “there’s a lot of heroes in this world, I’m just one of a lot of people.”

His story started five years ago. “My wife needed a kidney transplant,” he explained. Lynn volunteered, but her sister was a better match for her. Lynn explained, “my wife has been in great shape ever since.” Soon after- another sister needed a kidney, and Lynn was first in line. “It was a small price to pay to really help her out a lot,” he said.  READ MORE>>

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Ironman racer competes after donating kidney to wife

BillDuring Saturday’s Memorial Hermann Ironman Texas Triathlon, most racers will compete after months, sometimes years, of training, strict diet regimens and vigorous workouts.

But after donating a kidney to his wife, one of the thousands of participants will compete to win in fewer than 13 hours.

Bill Quella, Ironman competitor and kidney donor, will run, bike and swim with one kidney after having donated one to his wife Valerie Quella in 2009.  READ MORE>>

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Mom to donate kidney to another boy after son’s death

MacKinnonIt was supposed to be a gift of life for her child: Her left kidney. A perfect match and a chance for her 18-year-old son to get off the leash of dialysis and have the healthy life he deserved.

But it wasn’t to be.

Three days before the transplant, David MacKinnon had a stroke. He died June 8, 2011, on what was to be the day his mother, Michelle, would have given him a kidney.  READ MORE>>

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Clyde Simms waits for another kidney transplant

ClydeClyde Simms‘s day begins at 4:50 a.m.

Three days a week, the former MLS midfielder reports to a dialysis clinic near home in the Boston area for a 6 o’clock appointment to have blood filtered for four hours, a treatment necessitated by kidney disease. After the tubes are removed from his left bicep, Simms heads to work, an indoor cycling studio in Dedham that he co-owns and manages.

On the days he doesn’t require treatment, he reports to Rev*d at Dedham Place to welcome the 6 a.m. arrivals.  READ MORE>>

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Woman gets kidney via 68-person organ donation chain

mitzaA Wausau woman is the last link in a 68-person kidney transplant chain of donations that started in Minnesota, spread across the country and ended at the University of Wisconsin in late March.

After living with renal insufficiency for 30 years, 77-year-old Mitzi Neyens’ condition had begun to worsen in the past two years, she told Press-Gazette Media. She was able to take part in the massive organ donation chain after De Pere school teacher Megan O’Leary donated a kidney to a matched recipient in exchange for a matched kidney for Neyens, her long-time family friend.  READ MORE>>

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